Why work with Crystals? It's just a stone!


Whether you are certified Crystal healer or someone who likes to pop one in your pocket to 'see what will happen', whether you’re a complete Crystal sceptic or someone who is just curious, know this, there are a plethora of different answers to the most often asked question 'Why do you work with Crystals?'.

For those who read this and think:  "Ahh, she's talking rubbish about a stone, it's just a stone"


You're reading this so there's a start, all you need now is a cup of something hot, sit down, get comfy and let me answer your question purely based on my thoughts of course, it is a matter of Opinion.

Why work with Crystals? Why do you paint/tinker with your car/go hiking/surfing/horse riding or anything else you enjoy? Well, because you're drawn to it right? By that I mean you're interested in it and by that I mean you ENJOY IT!

Working with Crystals is something I really enjoy doing.

Before I worked with them I was getting tired of the same emotional-rollercoaster daily routine of;

waking up *tired*, going to see my horses which makes me *happy*, then going to work and listening to peoples very difficult stories,  (I work with people who have suffered from trauma) feeling *tired* and *drained* by the time it is afternoon, feeling *sad* because someone didn't do so well today, feeling *happy* because someone succeeded, getting *angry* because my computer crashed and I lost my report, leaving work - *tired*, getting *annoyed* with some one whilst driving home because they just cut me up on the road, getting more and more tired, hungry and then feeling like my own life is a chore because this kind of day is going to be repeated the next day.

I'm sure many of you can relate to this, maybe not exactly the same events but I'm sure it sounds familiar.

So now imagine what your brain is doing, what your hormones are doing and how your body must be coping. Tension headaches sound accurate for you? Tension in your lower back or shoulders? Feeling really tired, yet you have a disturbed sleep because you're worrying about the next dead line in work? Sound right to you?


If you're willing to explore this and help to heal yourself then know that there are Crystals who are waiting for you; choose one you are drawn to;

Crystals to help you sleep (or at least find some peace and inner stillness to have a peaceful nights sleep) 

·         Jade

·         Amethyst

·         Hematite

·         Lepidolite

·         Sodalite


Crystals to lift sadness and guide you to happiness (A 'pick me up')

·         Golden Beryl

·         Citrine

·         Carnelian

·         Sunstone


Crystals to aid in dispersing anger/annoyance/rage/frustrations

·         Blue Lace Agate

·         Apatite

·         Aragonite

·         Green Aventurine

·         Calcite (I find Blue Calcite most helpful but any Calcite will help)

·         Citrine

·         Garnet

·         Howlite

·         Pyrite

·         Kyanite

The Crystals in the pictures are Crystals I have worked with personally around those specific emotions, there are many more available.

 If you don't believe that your Chakra's are out of line then at least believe that your emotions are getting thrown around like a tree in the wind and your brain doesn’t know whether it's coming or going. For me, that's when I needed to change things because I knew that it was only a matter of time before I got sick short term or long term, either way wouldn’t be good.

This is where Crystals appeared for me.

I vowed to work with crystals to heal myself, to keep myself in balance and my Chakras in line as much as possible. 

See, Crystals have so many different healing properties according to which type of Crystal you work with. They have a very unique internal structure which causes them to resonate at different frequencies. The Crystals energy works with our own bodies energy, reading each other, getting to know each other like two new friends. The Crystal energy reminds the body to use it's own natural healing mechanisms.

I literally put the 'how do they work?' answer in a teeny tiny nut shell for you!

 I work with Crystals every day and most nights. I have Crystals working away in the background resonating healing energies out to my home environment and I have Crystals working with me on the frontline of life. Each week I write in my journal about how my week has been and how CRAZY it is that the particular Crystals I was drawn to that week were using their specific attributes to work along side what ever the events were happening at the time. (Stay with me on this)

For example, You maybe asked to organise a fun activity or to help your children with an Art Project but you're not very creative, it's not your strong point so you may want to spend some time with a Carnelian or a Citrine to give that side of you a little boost.

Always remember though, Crystals are NOT THE ANSWER to everything, they're not a cure for a medical condition, you must see your Dr for that, they will not solve your money issues either so don't give up your job just because you read somewhere that a Crystal will improve your finances. It is a possibility but what I mean is thousands of notes are not going to be flying through your letter box, instead, an opportunity may arise for you to earn a little extra cash, right place right time, that sort of thing. They are an aid, a being to work with, to be guided by and to learn lessons from. Just like you, they need to be taken care of and to be valued as a Being. They need cleansing (no, not like cleaning your hamster out!) of the negativity they absorb from your surroundings, other people and you. They need programming and they need charging. It's not something you can just throw in that dodgy kitchen drawer that every one has, you know the one right?

That one with the Chinese takeaway menus in it, the couple of birthday candles and weird cookie cutting shape. Crystals don't belong there. If you treat them with love and care they will also treat you with love and care.

White Sage, used for cleansing.

I work with Crystals because I enjoy it, I work with them because they always teach me something new, they help my mind, body and spirit to stay strong even In the hardest of times. They bring peace to my life and many more things. When I feel anxious, some of them help me to stay grounded and when I get sick, the sickness doesn’t last as long. They bring positive changes and help me to recognise positive outcomes/solutions to issues or barriers in life. Since working with them, amazing opportunities have appeared to me, that's not because they magically made that happen but because they have worked with me to help me to see the potential in my self, to have courage, to do what makes me happy and what I am drawn to, to not be afraid of trying new things. It's an incredible journey to be on and this is only the tip of the iceberg to talk to you about it.

A Crystal is not 'just a stone', it is a Being that has waited to work with you for literally thousands of years. YOU are not 'just a person', you are an individual Being and out of 7.5 Billion people in the world, there is only one of YOU! 

In love and light - Citrine Sunflower 

If you want to read more from the lovely Citrine Sunflower you can read her blog here; Www.lo1lybear.wixsite.com/justbeingme