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This shop is so much more than a job to us, we are like soppy teenagers when it comes to crystals – it’s a miracle anything ever makes it’s way onto the site, so know we are very genuine in what we do! 

We have done everything we can to make this an easy, happy shopping experience, but if you have any problems let us know through the “Get in touch” link at the top of the page.

My main wish is that you will love these crystals as much as I do. I have hand-picked every one for their clean vibes and warm personalities so trust that any one you chose will make an uplifting friend!



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  • Spring forwards!

    Spring is here you guys! If you don’t know it already, where have you been? It’s amazing, as soon as Spring appears I want to clean everything, including my car! I want to plant things, prune the herbs I have been growing and rid myself of those niggling feelings and thoughts that are just not doing me any good! Out with the old, the tiring, the things that pull me backwards, in with the positive, the things which drive me forwards in life with a fire in my heart. So as I had been feeling this way I set to work with some Crystals which I was drawn to. I had to think about what it was which I wanted to get rid of first of course so that the Crystals knew what we were going to be working on.
  • Crystals and Cancer

    Have you ever wondered just how far a Crystal will go to help you with it’s own energies? Giving to you selflessly, mingling with your energies to create something beautiful. I’ve wondered often and they never cease to amaze me. Lately I have been looking at health matters and energies surrounding illnesses.
  • Spring Clean Your Life

    To really energise yourself and make the most of this new phase of the year I always recommend a proper spring clean, of your energy, your house…and your intentions! Firstly it’s time to address your living space, be that a house, flat, room, or a car, it’s time to let go of any outdated, stale energy you have built up over the winter.
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  2. anxiety
  3. confidence
  4. love
  5. happiness
  6. wealth
  7. success
  8. memory
  9. peace
  10. protection
  11. cleansing
  12. healing
  13. communication
  14. harmony
  15. Abundance
  16. Good Luck
  17. Addiction
  18. Grounding
  19. Optimism
  20. Light
  21. Calm
  22. Focus
  23. Strength
  24. Creativity
  25. Awareness
  26. Intuition
  27. Wisdom
  28. Stability
  29. Allergies
  30. Relaxation
  31. Clarity
  32. Motivation
  33. Clearing
  34. Calming
  35. Nurturing
  36. Growth
  37. Insight
  38. Courage
  39. Uplifting
  40. Joy
  41. Friendship
  42. Balance
  43. Self Worth
  44. Soothing
  45. Support
Aw yay, my crystals are here they are gorgeous. Thank you for the fast delivery and lovely packaging too. by Erin