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 This shop is so much more than a job to us, we are like soppy teenagers when it comes to crystals – it’s a miracle anything ever makes it’s way onto the site, so know we are very genuine in what we do! 

We have done everything we can to make this an easy, happy shopping experience, but if you have any problems let us know through the “Get in touch” link at the top of the page. 

My main wish is that you will love these crystals as much as I do.I have hand-picked every one for their clean vibes and warm personalities so trust that any one you chose will make an uplifting friend! 


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  • Energetic Space Clearing

    Have you ever entered a room and felt a creepy unexplainable uneasiness? Or have you ever visited a particular spot that simply felt uplifting and free or liberating and light?
  • Chakras

    Colour Therapy For Moods And Health

    So, can we harness the powerful energy of colour and use it to our advantage? The answer is yes absolutely! Colours can have such positive and mood altering effects on our emotions. Have you ever gazed fondly at a vibrant colour and felt like you were absorbing the mood that it radiated? Colours are a powerful tool that we can use to promote healing and positivity.
  • Consciously Create A Life That You Love

    The act of conscious creation is just deciding exactly what you want to be, do, or have, then working in harmony with the Universe until it materialises – Easy! I think the biggest mistake the human race has made up until now is believing that we are at the mercy of some greater force, that we don’t have control over our lives – I disagree with that, and having been practising conscious creating for about 3 years now I can confidently say – it absolutely works!
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Thought the article on anxiety was really good, and helpful, as is the rest of the website. by Annette