How To - Simple Crystal Grid for Protection and Space Clearing In The Home

Arranging the Crystals: Begin by placing a selenite tumble stone in each corner of the room you want to protect. Selenite is excellent for purifying energy. Then, place black tourmaline tumble stones evenly around the room's perimeter, creating a protective boundary. If you're using a clear quartz point, place it in the center

Crystal Meditation for Clearing Mental Clutter and Memory Improvement

You will need 2 pieces of Citrine  to strengthen the memory (and positivity), a piece of Amethyst for insight (and clarity) and 2 pieces of Green calcite for mental Clarity (and energy clearing), if you don’t have Green Calcite then Fluorite works well too.

7 Useful jobs for your quartz point

Energy Clearing: Sweep the quartz point around your body or through your energy field to remove stagnant or negative energy. Start from the top of your head and move down to your feet, envisioning the crystal absorbing and dissolving any blockages.

Crystals and Cancer By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

Have you ever wondered just how far a Crystal will go to help you with it’s own energies? Giving to you selflessly, mingling with your energies to create something beautiful. I’ve wondered often and they never cease to amaze me.Lately I have been looking at health matters and energies surrounding illnesses.

Death, Guilt and Healing

Recently I have heard many beautiful people crippling themselves with guilt over what they did or didn’t say or do to someone that has recently died - Guilt is so often a devastating side effect of grief, but the good news is it is NEVER too late to say something to your dead loved one if you carry the weight of unspoken things.

Chakras and Yoga By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

I hear about Chakras quite regularly: “My Chakras are out of line”, “My Chakras need clearing” and even “I’m going to realign his Chakras if he doesn’t behave!” Often people are unsure of what it is exactly that they’re talking about.

Altering our state of mind using body language By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

When a person spends 30 seconds completing stretches and adapting their body language to wider, more open positions, their Testosterone levels will increase which will also increase their levels of self-worth/belief and their levels of confidence. This person is already faking that they believe in themselves and they are already faking that they believe they are intelligent enough to complete their university dissertation, for example.  They start to become their own Oscar award winning performance.

Reconnect with a walk in nature By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

Have you ever been for a walk through a forest or spent time in nature when you have been feeling run down, depressed or full of anxiety?A walk-in nature is something that is quite often forgotten about when you’re feeling low.The majority of the population would rather hide away under a blanket and watch a movie with a big bar of chocolate, if you can relate to that then perhaps you would like to try something different?