Crystals and Cancer By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower


Have you ever wondered just how far a Crystal will go to help you with it’s own energies? Giving to you selflessly, mingling with your energies to create something beautiful.

I’ve wondered often and they never cease to amaze me.

Lately I have been looking at health matters and energies surrounding illnesses.

Let me start by being boring, DISCLAIMER, yes, I went there!

I am not a health practitioner. Should you suffer with any illness, physically or mentally, PLEASE see your Doctor, seek treatment. What I say in this article is not advice, it is just information, do not use Crystals as medication replacement, Crystal energies will work as a supplement along side what ever treatment you are already receiving.

Ok, so here we go!

I always think it’s amazing how we are so delicate. Despite how strong willed we may be, how we may have strong characters, strong relationships, how physically strong we may be, yet, our brains are delicate and easily falter. Illnesses can take over our bodies and break down our own body makings, cells, organs etc, yet, we find the inner strength to get up and fight!

Within the last few months, someone I know was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was important for her to find a way forwards. She has family who love her, children, grandchildren and a husband.

She started immediate treatment with the hospital to try to reduce the cancerous cells and reduce the chances of her losing her breasts.

Whilst she was undergoing treatment for the Cancer she was relentlessly seeking further support, she asked me what she could do to try to heal herself, to boost the treatment, to help with her anxieties and to help with her families anxieties.

“Well”, I said, “There’s a Crystal for that!”

Now, I’m not one to build anybody’s hopes up to then let them down. I aim for positive results! Although this lady understood fully that it would not be a cure, just a helping hand along the way, I think it would be wrong to assume that any one wouldn’t wish for more under these circumstances.

Cancer is such a big thing and too big to take any risks with, treatment from the Hospital is really important and I can not stress that enough. I don’t lack any faith in the Crystals healing abilities, I do believe that life threatening illnesses need more than just my faith in Crystals to treat.

So, I bought her the following;

Smoky Quartz – I chose this one for her because Smoky Quartz is a fantastic grounding stone, if you visualise this;

It sucks all of the negative energy out of you and grounds it to the Earth where the Smoky Quartz basically says “shhhh, get in there and stay there!” The negativity is transmuted.

Clear Quartz – Our trusty friend! It’s the Master of all! The healing vibrations from a Clear Quartz are divine!

The Vibrations are strong in this one (how many of you just said that in a Darth Vader voice?)

When we get sick, our energies vibrate at a low level, Clear Quartz will help raise that vibration to a healthier level. Clear Quartz is all about clearing those rubbish energies out and bringing in a good, strong vibration.

Selenite – It’s a very high vibrational Crystal and it just loves flushing out energy blockages. Popping those blockages like bubble wrap! It’s the light in my darkness, I thought it could be the light in hers too!

Rose Quartz – Now, it would be ignorant for any one to think that a woman would be completely Ok with losing a breast if it came to it, ‘losing a breast is better than losing your life’ yes, I hear you but losing a breast will still dent your confidence somewhat, even with the very best interest of saving your own life by losing one or both breasts. Cue Rose Quartz! Splashing that unconditional love everywhere! Teaching you how to love yourself again, helping you to grieve for the loss of a part of you, to push through that and heal you with it’s beautiful soothing energies. Kind of like that gentle hand, smoothing your hair just when you need it the most to relax and feel loved.

Lepidolite – Just kick back a relax with this one. It has many attributes but you know what? If you’re going through treatment for cancer, it’s your time to relax. Just be with them (the crystals), just soak up their soothing energy – you deserve it.

The lady I know absolutely loved them. She wore them in her bra to work directly with her issue. She found them most beneficial to her and her family. She reported that she felt more energised, more confident and felt strong in her time of weakness.

She felt overwhelmed by love. Although this person needed to have one breast removed, the cancer had reduced in her other breast, which she still has! Fantastic!

She said she wasn’t sure if she could accept losing a part of her which she identifies with as being a female.

Part of her identity – lost, but she said she learnt to love her self in her own skin and to accept that others, in particular, her husband, felt no less love for her but instead had complete admiration and an undying love for her - forever.

If you are going to or already do work with Crystals to promote healing in conjunction with any illness, PLEASE remember to cleanse and programme the Crystals regularly. The Crystals will work to the best of their abilities if they are cleansed of negative energy regularly and if you programme it to do what you would like it to do.

In Good Health, Love and Light