Crystal Grids for Money/Business success

Jimble Stevens

To create a “Crystal grid”  you lay out a number of stones (from 4 to an infinite number depending on the intensity required) opposite each other making a grid around a room/house/bed etc. A “layout” is just the same but put around a person.

The idea is that Crystals of the same type energetically connect with each other, and in doing so create invisible boxes which are filled with the vibration, and properties, of that particular Crystal.

Money/Success Grid-Ritual.

Find a piece of green cloth, (green is associated with abundance), 8 Citrine Tumble Stones, 4 Jade tumbles and a piece of Clear Quartz (the more substantial in size the better). Write down clearly and simply your wishes (make them vaguely realistic or energetically you will never line up with it as you won’t believe you can have it).

Put the Green cloth somewhere it will remain undisturbed for 21 days. Lay the Quartz in the middle of it then place your wish list under, or leaning up against, the piece of Quartz.

Place the Citrine and Jade in a circle around the Quartz however they feel right to you. Have a little chat with the universe and thank it for fulfilling your wish.

Every time you walk past it blow it a kiss or give one of the stones a stroke, just silly ways to keep feeding it energy…… and hopefully you will start to see some happy, abundant results!

Within 2 months of trying this I had 2 tax rebates!