Crystal Healing - how it works

Crystal Healing - how it works

Jimble Stevens

Simple Crystal Healing

In the most basic types of Crystal Healing the healer will correlate the colour of a crystal with the chakra area in which the ailment lies, for example if someone was suffering with laryngitis, the healer would probably use a blue coloured crystal as the throat chakra is blue. Or if someone had a stomach ulcer the healer would probably choose a yellow crystal as the solar plexus chakra is yellow and that where the stomach lies. Like everything else in this world Colour frequency is a form of vibration, but in addition to this, the crystals themselves have an individual rate of vibration. It is very common for people to experience buzzing or tingling sensation in their hands when holding crystals.

Why Crystal Energy is Special

Because of the way crystals are formed, (partly because of the extreme pressure of trying to make a space deep within the earth) all the molecules and atoms are drawn very close to each other during their formation. Because of the lack of space, the molecules arrange themselves into crystal lattices, which are in basic terms, geometric patterns. These patterns create the final shape of the crystal.

Once the geometric patterns are established in the crystal the molecules are not able to roam about freely like they do in most things, so they continue to vibrate in place. The vibrational frequency can be measured as an exact number of vibrations per second.

Quartz Crystals  possess what is known as piezoelectricity, which means it lets impulses, electrical, or otherwise pass through the crystal in a pre-established pathway. Tiny pieces of Quartz are often used in watches to help keep their time and in silicon chips in computers. In relation to healing it is said that this means the regular vibrational energy pattern from Quartz can break apart and dissipate an energy blockage and also amplify any healing energy it is used alongside.

To understand the relevance of the chemical make-up of minerals in Crystal Healing, here are a  few examples:

Malachite (Cu2(CO3)(OH)2) contains mainly copper, which draws off heat, and can therefore be used to reduce inflammation. This is the idea behind the use of copper wrist bands to treat osteoarthritis.

Calcite (CaCO2), is a calcium carbonate. Most people know that calcium is the main constituent of the skeletal system, and therefore calcite is often used in crystal healing to help mend fractures of bones.

Haematite (Fe2O3) is an iron oxide. Iron helps to maintain healthy red corpuscles and oxygenate the blood, and hematite is frequently used to treat anaemia as well as circulatory problems.