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Raw Chunks

One of the most common uses for our healing crystal chunks is to make a crystal grid from them. You can do this by placing a chunk in each corner of a room or house whilst laying your intention.

Or, you can make smaller grids on something like a table or alter by intuitively adding different crystals and making a Mandala pattern from them using it as a form of meditation and spiritual guidance as well as for intention and healing.

If you make a Mandala from your crystal chunks you can write your intention or wish on a piece of paper and fold it up placing it beneath the centre stone, this is thought to empower your wish and send the prayer to the universe.

What better way to enjoy healing crystals than in their natural form, natural and raw, as nature made them. Some of these may have been rounded off or cut into smaller chunks but these are the least modified shape of all the crystals we sell.