Crystal Grid for Stress Relief

Jimble Stevens

To make a Crystal grid

Firstly decide exactly what the effect is that you would like the grid to have and chose the appropriate tumble stones.

For example, if the people in your house are arguing Selenite or Fluorite would bring some peace and clear the air.

If you wanted to invite more love into your life Rose Quartz Tumbles would be right, or if you wanted motivation and energy then Red Tigers Eye Tumbles or Carnelian would do the job!

If you wanted to cleanse the space and bring more light in then Labradorite and Selenite together would be perfect.

If you are a sensitive soul and easily impacted by the energy of others a Fluorite or Calcite grid around your main rooms will help to keep your energy clear (I only ever take mine down to cleanse the stones every month or so then put them back again)

When you have chosen your tumble stones lay them out opposite each other around the room (this can also be used across a whole house or around a bed).  I think 9 tumbles are a good amount for a powerful grid, but it would still work with  4 if thats all you have!

They don’t have to be exactly opposite each other, just imagine drawing lines between them all – if you would roughly get boxes then you’ve got it right (I usually put one in the middle of the room to tie them all together too)!

A “layout” is just the same but put around a person.

The idea is that Crystals of the same type energetically connect with each other to create invisible boxes which are filled with the vibration, and properties, of that particular Crystal.

Layout for Reducing Stress.

Find somewhere comfy to lie flat, I like a folded blanket on the floor..

Take 8 Amethyst points, laying them around your body about 6 inches away from you pointing inwards. (8 Amethyst Tumble Stones should also work if you don’t have points), place one above your head, one between and slightly below your feet, 2 either side of your ankles, hips and neck.

Close your eyes and do 3 deep breaths in through your nose and sigh them slowly out through your mouth feeling your body grow heavier with each breath.

Lie there and relax for 10 minutes, 20 if you can. Alternatively you could make a grid around your bed which could work on you all night... be warned though, Amethyst can have a flattening effect on the labido, so don’t leave it in the bedroom if you fancy a saucy night!