Crystal Forms and meanings

Jimble Stevens

There are many different Crystal formations, and equally as many interpretations of their talents and uses, so I’m just going to start with a handful or two. Knowing the strengths of particular shapes is a wonderful playground for choosing crystals that are naturally talented in the area you desire. Most are multi talented but have one outstanding super-power.


crystal with rainbows inside

A Crystal with rainbows within it is a symbol of joy and happiness, carrying the vibrations of all the colours of the rainbow it can be used to combat negative states of mind, bringing colour back into dark corners of the perception.

Crystals that grow from a cloudy base but become clearer towards the pointed end symbolize the potential for spiritual growth and clarity.

Enhydros are Crystals that contain bubbles of liquid that are millions of years old which became trapped inside the crystal as it formed around the water; they are said to be a symbol of the unconditional love that runs through everything.

double terminated crystal

Double Terminated Crystals (Crystals with points on both ends) are said to help break old patterns of energy and of thought.


Crystal Points: The majority of Crystals have points in one form or another that can vary from minuscule to enormous. A point will have been removed from a cluster so will have one rough broken end and a faceted point on the other. There are two main ways in which points are used in healing, one is to draw negative energy away form the body, and the other is to focus and channel energy into it.


crystal sphere

Crystal Spheres (or ball): Because of the depth of Crystal needed for a sphere there are often marks/inclusions or flaws within them, though generally this just adds to their beauty creating whole mini universes inside them. Spheres release energy in all directions evenly. They can be used for scrying to provide a glimpse into the future, or the past (this should always be done under the guidance of a light worker).