Consciously Create A Life That You Love

Jimble Stevens

The act of conscious creation is just deciding exactly what you want to be, do, or have, then working in harmony with the Universe until it materialises – Easy!

I think the biggest mistake the human race has made up until now is believing that we are at the mercy of some greater force, that we don’t have control over our lives – I disagree with that, and having been practising conscious creating for about 3 years now I can confidently say – it absolutely works!

I won’t rub your noses in it by listing all the fabulous things in my life – but there are many and I feel truly blessed to have got this conscious creation stuff pretty sussed, so, I wanted to splash it about a bit so as many people as possible can give it a go too!

You don’t need to use all of these just chose whatever feels right to you and have some fun with it.

Firstly lay your intention simply and with clarity – write it down in BIG letters

e.g : IT IS MY INTENTION TO WORK IN A JOB I LOOK FORWARD TO EVERYDAY THAT IS COMPLIMENTARY TO THE OTHER POSITIVE AREAS OF MY LIFE  Ideally put the piece of paper under a Clear Quartz Crystal point – crystal points are kind of made for this focus!

Get yourself into the frequency (feeling of already having) of the thing you want – ultimately unless you can do this it won’t be able to match up (everything and person has it’s own frequency like a radio channel and to share space with someone or something you have to tune into their frequency) so this is really the most important….


One way to do this is, for example  is if you want a new job, write a wish list, of everything you want, EVERYTHING, and talk about it, think about it, visualise it as you go to sleep, add things to your list like “a job that is complimentary to my souls purpose” as well as “ Pays me a wonderful wage, in a healthy supportive environment, doing work which empowers and fulfils me,” the joy of this game is it’s your list, your dream list you can have whatever you want. I always add on the caveat of “OR SOMETHING BETTER” as the Universe can see around corners we don’t even know are there!

Say “thank you God (Source, Universe, whoever you have faith in) for my PERFECT JOB where I am REALLY HAPPY, Thank you thank you thank you!!!” but really FEEL appreciation and gratitude as if you already have it, the Universe seems to react the best to that in my experience.

Watch the stories you are telling about your life and the thing you want, if you are focusing on your currant job that you hate while saying “thank you for my dream job” it will be the active frequency which will be the strongest so you will just end up with a whole heap of more misery on your doorstop….basic Law of Attraction stuff !


Make up songs about what you want…silly ones to the tune of something you know really well, try To the tune of “Dancing Queen”

“Thank you…universe for my dreeaaam hooomme  oooooh”  or something equally as silly! It generates fun as you can’t help laughing at your self for being a bit of an eejit and that is a high frequency so you are starting to line up with the positive energy of what you want!

Sing it over n over again, add new bits, fun bits, silly bits – it really gets the energy flowing.


Oh and of course THE most important one, ALWAYS follow your joy, every decision you make chose the choice that makes you feel happiest – that is your soul guiding you!

The worse you feel, the further you are from your souls guidance (I believe).

And lastly, just release it and know that it will come in the perfect way at the perfect time!