Carnelian Chunk

Carnelian is said to be an energising, confidence bringing stone inspiring creativity, passion and motivation.

It stimulates and inspires personal power and physical energy, giving courage, confidence and strength. It is recognised also as assisting well in the areas of fertility and potency and libido.

Wearing or carrying Carnelian will assist in encouraging initiative and motivation when needed . It responds well to being programmed for specific uses such as a particular project. It also encourages physical power and energy. It is said to soothe and relieve menopause and PMS symptoms, and defuse feelings of rage or anger.

In the past it has been used to soothe and protect souls on the journey into the afterlife, being placed in coffins and around funeral pyres. Is said to help soothe fears about death and rebirth, bringing calm and acceptance about the circle of life.

It can also aid meditation by allowing deeper concentration and keeping thoughts focused. It is useful in keeping energy present and focused and stops it being caught up in past experience.

Lastly but most importantly this is one of the few stones that does not need cleaning, you can keep in with other stones to keep them fresh and clean, although, personally I rinse mine off occasionally and regularly re-charge them so they can remain fresh and happy in their work :).

Carnelian is what I call the Diva stone as I think it puts fire in your belly and inspiration, confidence and passion in your mind!