Crystal Meditation for Clearing Mental Clutter and Memory Improvement

Jimble Stevens


                                          Gold and green lights glowing

Memory Meditation and Layout…we could all benefit from this one!

  • You will need 2 pieces of Citrine  to strengthen the memory (and positivity), a piece of Amethyst for insight (and clarity) and 2 pieces of green calcite for mental Clarity (and energy clearing), if you don’t have green calcite then Fluorite works well too.
  • NB: Make sure the crystals you are using are clean - Read how to cleanse your crystals here.
  • Lie down somewhere comfortable, where you won’t be disturbed, turn your phone off.
  • I always say a little prayer to the universe and ask that my space is kept clear while I rest.
  • Put the pieces of Citrine either side of your head just above your ears, put the Green (yellow will also work) Calcite a few inches  above your head (as if they were on the ends of deedly-boppers) and place the Amethyst on your 3rd eye.
  • Do 3 clearing breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) feel your body become heavier and sink into the floor a little deeper with every breath.
  • Relax for 10 minutes or so and imagine a halo of glowing gold and vibrant green around your head and a purple glow on your forehead coming from and encasing all the crystals.
  • When your time is up, say thank you to your crystals, wiggle your toes and slowly come back to the room.
  • Use the affirmation"My memory is getting better and better every day, I am creating light in my life in every way." 

Simple, enjoyable and effective, if you have continuing problems with your memory I'd recommend doing this every week if possible (or every few days even better!).