Citrine Points

Citrine has a joyful energy that sends its happy vibes far and wide.

It is the bringer of all good things, positivity, happiness, success, confidence and wealth. It is the perfect stone to have a cluster of in the home or the office to help support and encourage positive energy and a sunny outlook.

It enhances optimism in pretty much any situation, bringing a more positive outlook, because of this positive focus one can find life flowing more easily.

It is said to help overcome depression and anxieties, release anger, bring positive abundance into your life and help you develop good communication skills.

Citrine is thought of as the ultimate stone of abundance - keep a little citrine tumble in your purse to keep the pounds flowing in and also add a piece to the south corner of your home as this is the success and reputation corner in Feng Sui.

Citrine is often credited with attracting and allowing synchronicity by opening the mind to new ideas, allowing them to develop, and following through with them to their happy conclusion, creating an all round happier life.

It is a warming, cleansing, and energising stone. Highly protective, Citrine never needs to be cleared, though, as I always say some positive intention, a rinse in fresh water and a good recharge in the sunshine ensures this lovely stone will continue to work its magic efficiently.

Please note that 99% of "citrine" on the market these days started it's life as amethyst that was then heated. Completely natural citrine will never be bright yellow with white bits - that is always heat treated amethyst, but it has been accepted world wide as normal citrine these days. Completely natural citrine will be more expensive and more earthy in colour.

Heat treated amethyst citrine is said to carry the above properties due to the amethyst make up but also the colour frequencies from the yellows and oranges.