Jade Tumble Stones

Jade represents serenity, wealth, friendship, wisdom, good luck and purity.

It is said to bring an increase in nurturing, joy, optimism and love in ones life. It is a stone of protection and is worn to keep the wearer safe from harm.

It is said to bring good fortune in the shape of prosperity, love wealth as well as happiness and friendship, it’s an all round winner really, what’s not to love!

Jade is seen as a “Dream” stone and said to bring intuitive dreams when placed under the pillow or on the forehead.

It helps to release negative thoughts and and brings calm to the mind.

Used in Physical Healing, Jade is thought to work on the hips and the spleen, kidneys and supra-adrenal-glands removing toxins from the system.

Jade is also used in assisting fertility and childbirth. It is also said to be helpful for any ailments of the kidneys.

Attributes of different coloured Jade:

Each different colour of Jade also has additional attributes shown below:

  • BLUE-GREEN JADE; Brings Peace and serenity. Very good for people who feel overwhelmed by their circumstances.
  • GREEN JADE; This is the commonest colour, it calms the nervous system and helps to encourage harmony in unhappy relationships.
  • RED JADE; This is the most energising of all the Jades. It encourages pent up anger to be released in constructive ways. It is a passionate stone and is associated often with passionate love.
  • BROWN JADE; Is connected to the earth and is very good for aiding grounding.
  • PURPLE JADE; Encourages setting clear boundaries in emotional situations. It gives inner peace to people who carry wounds of past trauma.