How To Create A Crystal Grid

Jimble Stevens


                                            Healing crystal tumble stones in a pile

Firstly decide exactly what you want the grid to achieve and state it clearly and succinctly. Eg: It is my intention that this crystal grid cleanse the energy in this room and keep it feeling peaceful for all who enter. 

Next - chose the appropriate tumble stones:

For example, if the people in your house are arguing then Selenite or Fluorite would bring some peace and clear the air.

If you wanted to invite more love into your life Rose Quartz Tumbles would be right, or if you wanted motivation and energy then Red Tigers Eye Tumbles or Carnelian would do the job!

For problems with anxiety or stress use Sodalite, Aventurine or Blue Lace Agate and Haematite and Labradorite to help with confidence and grounding.

You can double them up - eg one selenite and one labradorite in each corner, a larger one in the middle of the room can really help intensify the intention and keep the energy flowing.

 If you wanted to cleanse the space and bring more light in then Labradorite or Black Tourmaline and Selenite together would be perfect.

If you are a sensitive soul and easily impacted by the energy of others a Fluorite or Calcite grid around your main rooms will help to keep your energy clear (I only ever take mine down to cleanse the stones every month or so then put them back again)

When you have chosen your tumble stones lay them out opposite each other around the room (this can also be used across a whole house or around a bed).  I think 9 tumbles are a good amount for a powerful grid, but it would still work with  4 if thats all you have!

They don’t have to be exactly opposite each other, follow your instinct, some people make square grids, others triangular, some do the Star of David…it’s open to interpretation (I usually put one in the middle of the room to tie them all together too).

A “layout” is just the same but put around a person.

The idea is that crystals of the same type energetically connect with each other to create invisible boxes which are filled with the vibration, and properties, of that particular crystal.

So, while you go about your daily business they will be busy quietly working away, imbuing your home with their magic. Just remember to cleanse them every month or so then put them in the sun or moonlight to recharge - My instinct is that if you are a sensitive or emotion person put your crystals in the sunlight to charge them as this will balance you out. If you are more practical and need some more emotional opening use the moon - but most importantly go with your gut feeling and have fun.