Desert Sage Smudge Stick - 10cm long


A powerful little desert sage smudge stick to help you clear your space, it will measure about 10cm long x 3cm wide, and be very similar to the photos .

The shell is for display only.

Purifying Energies: A How To Guide to Sage Smudging

1. Set Intentions:
Begin with a clear mind and positive intentions. Focus on what you wish to release or attract—whether it's dispelling negative energy, inviting positivity, or finding inner peace - It may be helpful to write down your intention succinctly on a piece of paper.

2. Gather Supplies:
Collect a sage smudge stick, a fire-safe dish, and matches. Choose a time when you won't be rushed, allowing for a peaceful and mindful experience.

3. Open Windows and Doors:
Enhance the cleansing process by opening windows and doors to allow stagnant energy to flow out, making way for fresh, clean energy. The negativity in the space is said to stick to the smoke so it is essential you let the smoke out.

4. Light the Sage:
Light the smudge stick, allowing it to catch fire briefly (always hold it above a fire proof dish). Gently blow out the flame, leaving a steady stream of smoke.

5. Smudge Your Space:
Walk through each room, gently moving the smudge stick in a clockwise motion, paying extra attention to corners and doorways.

6. Personal Aura Cleansing:
For personal cleansing, gently waft the sage smoke around your body using a hand or a feather - pay special attention to your head and any areas where the energy feels stuck or you have an ailment in the physical body.

7. Express Gratitude:
As you complete the smudging ritual, give gratitude for the renewed energy and purified space. When the space feels clear of smoke close the windows and doors.

By incorporating sage smudging into your routine, you can create an environment of clarity and harmony, promoting a sense of well-being in your home and within yourself.