Zoisite Ruby Chunk

Ruby in Zoisite is an amplification stone that works with the energy of the entire field of one’s body. It is thought to Instil joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, bringing passion and a zest for life.

This powerful stone transmutes negativity into positive energy. It relieves lethargy and boosts physical energy. It offers stamina to the mental processes, facilitating advancements of the wearer’s goals; sexually it is said to increase activity, treating impotency and giving motivation to a flagging libido.

It is often used for psychic development and general empowerment and is said to create an altered state of consciousness, enabling you to utilise more of the natural abilities of the mind.

Zoisite Ruby is said to support and empower visualisations and astral journeys, bringing energy, colour and clarity to the experiences.
In physical healing it is beneficial for heart disorders, and disorders of physical vitality such as M.E.