Shattuckite Chunk

Shattuckite is said to be a psychic communication stone that works from a place of truth. It can help with the development of mediumship, intuition, telepathy and channeling.

This stone allows you to communicate better with the spirit world, as it strengthens the communication between you, your spirit guides and loved ones who have died. Using this stone it’s said that any link you make will be with guides of the highest vibration.

This stone is quite a lovely mix of different crystal types found in traces within it, they are malachite, chrysocolla and azurite, so it carries the properties of those crystals in addition to the ones mentioned here.

Shattuckite is said to be a powerful tool for use in the removal of barriers and energy blockages from the past. It has been considered to have some protective powers against negative entities and energies.

Overall it is a lovely, high vibrational and protective crystal, perfect for someone who wants to develop or hone their intuitive and mediumistic skills.