Rainforest Jasper Sphere

Rainforest Jasper connects you with the heart of nature. It teaches that as humans we are not separate from animals, plants or minerals. It opens the heart and mind to the beauty of life and it’s potentials.

Rainforest jasper reminds us to feel joy at our existence. It is said to assist us in recalling our purpose on this earth whilst helping us to see that we must treat our fellow living beings with respect, for each has its role in the greater plan.

This stone brings balance to the body and soothes an anxious nature.

Rainforest jasper is said to contain the spiritual teachings of nature and is often used during earth healing rituals. Its energy strengthens the physical body and calms the emotions. It also has the ability to restore ones faith, creating a vibration of love and peace. It is thought to provide a channel through which to contact nature spirits and devic beings if desired, allowing them to work in harmony with the individual.

In physical healing it has been used to detoxify the body and alleviate feelings of grief and depression.