Desert Rose

Desert Rose (Baryte) is known for it’s lovely properties of encouraging friendship, love and harmony in relationships. It is perfect bedroom companion helping to enhance warmth.

These stones are said to be strong activators of the third eye, assisting in bringing clairvoyant skills to the fore and strengthening ones natural intuition.

It brings initiative and motivation to pursue ones goals and dreams, helping life to open out, much like the flower it represents.

There are many health problems these days such as chronic fatigue and addiction which are blamed on blockages in the energy field. Baryte has a gentle effect which used long term, over the course of several months can help to balance your flow of energy.

Barite also helps with understanding that addiction is a symptom rather than a disease, this lovely mineral can help you pinpoint the subconscious thought patterns that lead to addictions and help you to break free of their grasp.