Octobers Birthstone - Opal

Octobers Birthstone - Opal

JimbleAdmin Stevens

Opal represents inspiration, transformation, and the colours that illuminate our souls.
Named after the Latin word "opalus," meaning "precious stone," Opal helps us explore the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding and embrace the flow of life. Opal carries the energy of inspiration and creativity. It is thought of as a portal to the realm of possibilities

It resonates with the Crown Chakra - helping us to tap into our higher consciousness and channel wisdom and Divine inspiration. It is believed to enhance spiritual insight and connect us to the Divine spark within us.

Incorporating Opal into your life is to embrace inspiration and transformation. You can wear Opal jewellery to carry its uplifting and transformative energy close to you.
During meditation, visualise Opal's shifting colours wrapping around you, guiding you into your creative soul.
As you embark on this voyage with Opal as your guide, may it inspire your creativity and lead you to a life illuminated by the cosmic dance of possibilities.

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