What is a Crystal?

There are Millions of people who work with Crystals. If you are reading this, I can only guess that you are one of those people? 
If you’re just browsing, I hope you enjoy learning with me and as always;


Either way, have you ever actually asked yourself or been asked by someone else, “What is a crystal?”
I certainly have! 

A Crystal or if you will, a Crystalline Solid (ooo err) is made up of atoms, molecules and Ions all perfectly arranged in an ordered structure. The Ions are charged molecules or atoms. All of these link together to form a very fancy Crystal Lattice, it reminds me of a snowflake and how patterns appear when you look closely enough.
Do you remember in school or at home making snowflakes out of paper? You had to fold the paper over and over and cut pretty patterns. When you opened it up, you saw a snowflake but what your teacher or Parents/Guardians were trying to show you was;

Well, this pattern is in the Crystal, it’s a repeated pattern right the way through the crystals structure.
Generally speaking a Crystal is a solid mineral, with flat surfaces which meet together at angles.
Some may have many many facets. All beautiful of course.
I won’t go too far in to it, it’ll become a bit of a ‘yawn fest’ an no one wants that! This is to give you a rough idea of the structural base of a Crystal. The rest is mind blowing information, I think so anyway.

 Remember that Crystals which are not man made are formed over Millions of years, it’s a pain staking slow geological process. There has to be space available for Crystals to grow as well.

Has anyone seen the Giants of Chihuahua in Mexico? You should go look it up, those stunning Beings had plenty of space and boy did they fill it! They must be hundreds of millions of years old. They truly are something!

I’ll talk about quartz, only because it is possibly the most popular of all.

Precipitation sneaks in through cavities, mixes with silica in the earth, meets up with it’s buddy Oxygen creating SiO (Silica) and then starts the very slow drippy drippy process.
A chemical compound met with a gas, they fell in love and created a liquid solution which solidified and grew up to be Quartz! 
Mother Earth Strikes again!
 So now for the Mind blowing Moment. 

 Your own cell membranes are liquid crystal semi conductors! That is Silica too!! Your own DNA actually scans the environment for frequencies which are relevant to you and then reshapes to suit.
Is that us humans moulding to the changes in the world? Isn’t silica mouldable? Is this Evolution? Just a few thoughts. 

So, we have something in common with Mrs Quartz don’t we? This surely means that Crystals ARE an amazing tool to work with considering that the Crystal you are drawn to is about to change your own cells perception filters and work with your very own energies. 

 It’s amazing to learn that the Crystals literally take thousand and even millions of years to grow and here we are working with them. A piece of History yet a piece of the present.

 A word to the Wise!

Some one who has been around for quite a while, maybe your Grandmother or even a friend, who has experienced lots of events in life, who is knowledgeable, reflective, who guides you and is good at giving you advice. The person who is logical and well grounded. Who has good insight in to life and is a great observer. We all know someone like that. Are they wise? Of course they are!

 These Crystals who have been within Mother Earth for Millions of years have gone undiscovered for so long, they have witnessed changes within the beating heart of the world we live in, the planet we stand on, they have sat quietly listening, some holding the structure of the Earth together,  many are now found, have been mined and are working with us to guide us with a loving energy that is undeniably felt by many who work with them. They encourage us to reflect and learn either about ourselves or about others. 

If you listen closely and take the time to tune in and listen, they are teaching us, to be patient, they teach us to be logical in some cases and to become grounded, they have observed from a far and teach us to have our own insight to our own abilities and indeed to develop ourselves and our abilities. 
Are they not wise?

A few of my favourite crystals, based on their structural beauty are,

(Of Course) Quartz
Orthaceras (although it's a fossil, it fossilised in limestone and still has healing properties) 
Any type of Geode
Anything with a phantom in it! (simply fascinating!)

There are many more I could list.
Allow yourself to be drawn to the Crystal you are to work with, which ever it may be. Allow yourself to be still, listen, learn and only then will you begin to tune in to the Being which is the Crystal that waited so long, just to be working with YOU!
In love and light – Citrine Sunflower