8 Useful Tips For Helping With Anxiety

Jimble Stevens

Anxiety is one of those human conditions that seem’s to touch everyone’s life to a greater or lesser degree. It can make you feel out of control and at the mercy of your fears and emotions, and it is no fun at all to be at war with that.

The purpose of this article is to give a few helpful tips, tools and suggestions to help you feel more in control and calm.

1) Cut Down On Wheat

I used to work with special needs children with challenging behaviour.  It was noticed that eating wheat for some of the kids made their behaviour and emotions more extreme, erratic and unpredictable. Having been given an ADHD label when I was a child I tried this and have never looked back - it honestly has changed my life, I strongly recommend trying this for yourself or any erratic, nervous kids around you.

2) Energy Protection

The chances are, if you are on a Crystals site and reading an article about anxiety you one of the sensitive ones. 

This brings lovely gifts, such as empathy, but we can also be energetic sponges to everyone else’s energy.

If you are going to be with someone who is negative, needy or ill then you need to protect yourself, it won’t stop you giving them love or support, it just means when you leave you only take your energy home with you.

Imagine a large ball of light around you, as if you are inside a huge hampster ball - make it bright and beautiful in your minds eye. (If you feel really vulnerable make it into a disco ball covered in mirrors, this will reflect their energy away from you.)

Another version of this visualisation is imagining a tall being of light standing behind you with their chin on your head and their bright white wings wrapped around you like a hugI find that one very effective in pretty much all situations, and it feels LOVELY.

A friend uses the saying “Mine or not mine?” when she feels out of sorts and instantly knows if it is her energy or something she is picking up, in which case protective Crystals can work wonders ( see below)

3) Crystals For Psychic Protection And Anxiety

Labradorite – everyone’s favourite protector. It puts a bubble of energy around you, keeping your energy in and others out, often we carry others anxious energy around thinking it is our own.

Clear Quartz -this strengthens your Auric field (I see Auras and the light around someone holding a piece of Clear Quartz is about 6 inches further out than their normal Aura).

Black Tourmaline – repels negativity and helps connect you to your inner power.

For Anxiety itself I believe that Sodalite and Howlite are two of the most calming Crystals.

Sodalite really can be a life changing stone, it is recognised as the most powerful crystal for dissolving guilt, fear and general self punishment. It is seen as the peace bringer for Anxiety or panic attacks.

Howlite is just beautiful, it’s energy is slow and measured and somehow it passes that pace to the hectic mind and slows it down..I call it the mind hug stone.

Why not make a grid around your bedroom and sitting room, fill your space with some crystal calm? To create a “Crystal grid” lay-out a number of stones (from 4 to an infinite number depending on the intensity required) opposite each other making a grid across a room/house/bed etc. The crystals of the same type energetically connect with each other, and in doing so create invisible boxes which are filled with the vibration, and properties, of that particular crystal.

4) Check Your Inner DialogueBe Kind To Yourself

So simple, but so hard. Imagine talking to 5 year old the way you talk to yourself, they would be a nervous wreck too!

Just start simply, if you catch yourself calling yourself an idiot try saying, “sorry about that! You’re not an idiot at all, you are doing your best and I’m with you, come on, lets try again”. You wouldn’t believe how nice that can feel, you are in cahoots with yourself instead of bullying yourself and that gives a surprising sense of inner strength.

5) Bach Rescue Pastilles

These gorgeous things are made by the Bach Rescue Remedy people, they are alcohol free and completely natural. Basically they are sugar free sweeties that calm you down and chill you out, WHAT is not to love?

They are delicious and you can get them easily on the internet or your local health food store, every handbag should have some. .

6) Breathe

How many times do we hear this, and say it to others but forget ourselves. Buddha said there are 2 keys to Enlightenment and Peace; Posture and Breathe! I think we can safely say he knew his stuff!

So if you are feeling anxious, stop for a moment, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor.

Do a clearing breathe (in through the nose out through the mouth).

Then breathe in slowly imagining a little ball of light travelling up your nose, down your throat, into your lungs, lighting them up on the way. Feel the light spread into your bloodstream and as you breathe out see it travel right down through your solar plexus spreading out into the air around you, repeat 3 times. Rub your feet on the floor to finish.

OR Just breathe for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4 and continue until you feel better.

7) Ask Yourself Why Your Subconscious Thinks Anxiety Is Helpful

I’ve done my NLP practitioners qualification and it’s roots come from the idea that every belief and reaction we have stems from a subconscious thought that thinks it is the safest one for us to have, as ultimately our thoughts think their job is to keep us safe.

You will not be able to permanently change a negative belief about yourself or the world until you FIND ONE BETTER TO REPLACE IT WITH!

So, write down the belief that makes you anxious then close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind to come up with an alternative belief that still keeps you safe but in a way that brings you results that make you feel good about the world 

8) Hypnosis!

The subconscious mind again, if you can find someone who does hypnosis specifically for Anxiety but who also does NLP they will help you write a new inner script so you can line up your thoughts with your potential.

The ultimate truth is Anxiety is an emotion that stems from a repetitive fearful thought process… and this can be changed.

You are your only point of true power, what story are you going to tell yourself today?

So much anxiety stems from us being scared to just be ourselves as we think we are never “enough”.

Whatever you believe, be that in a God or Source know that nothing is by chance and you are created EXACTLY as you are meant to be to make this world complete.....If you could see yourself through the eyes of the source that created you, you would be astounded at just how perfectly you are playing your role and how beautiful you truly are.