Energetic Space Clearing

Energetic Space Clearing

Jimble Stevens



Have you ever entered a room and felt a creepy unexplainable uneasiness? Or have you ever visited a particular spot that simply felt uplifting or light?

The energetic state of a room most definitely affects us all in some way. Clearing a space really does enhance our state of mind, our health, productivity and general well-being. 

Heres a simple guide to clearing your space;

  • First, go through the venue and open all windows and doors. This provides a well-ventilated space so that  the room can air out. Spiritually, it will also offer an energetic exit for any and all dissonant frequencies or entities.
  • Light a white candle and invite your preferred Angels /Gods or Guides to protect and assist you in clearing the space of negativity and replacing it with light supportive energy


  • Next, beginning from an area furthest away from the entrance, simply walk through the room, holding your candle (or even better use a sage smudge stick), with the clear intention to clear the space leaving only positive energy - if you need some help with that Below is one of Doreen Virtues prayers which I think is lovely (and a bit funny - imagine him literally vacuuming your energy and the house, right into all the corners etc);

Take a few deep breaths and say with pure intention;
"Archangel Michael, be here with me now!                                                                                    
I ask you to please vacuum and cleanse my body/ my home/ this room.
Please powerfully suction away the lower energy of fear.
Release all darkness to return to the light.
I ask you to NOW lift away all traces of negativity, leaving behind only love.
Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

  • After you've finished (and safely put out your smudge stick) you may then choose to grid the room with crystals to keep it clean and stop any gremlins returning. 

The crystals I'd recommend for this are either;

The concept of gridding a room is basically creating an energetic force field of crystals that are positioned in a criss cross formation around the room, they all connect with each other and fill the space between them with the frequencies they carry - this is lovely way to continue to hold the intention of a clean space - just remember to cleanse your crystals every month or so if they are working hard.

Finally, I like to light a candle and sit in the center of the space, call on the Angels of Light, Love and Good Humour (that's my choice, you can call on Any Angel that appeals to you) to fill the space with their uplifting energy, Blessing everyone who enters the space with good feeling thoughts.

 The purpose of space clearing is to keep the good vibes flowing. It can be as uncomplicated or complex as you choose. All in all, the ritual of space clearing is a beautiful and simple reminder of the energies we keep so Lets keep ours fresh and clean!