What You Need To Know About Reiki – A Mini Guide By Sandra

Jimble Stevens

Have you heard about the benefits of Reiki healing and would like to try it for yourself but don’t know where to begin or what to expect? Here’s some useful information to get you started and help you learn what you need to know about Reiki.

The Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki healing has so many benefits – too many to list here. To give you some examples, Reiki is great to help alleviate stress and anxiety, to heal physical complaints and illness, it benefits those suffering from depression, Reiki is also wonderful if used during pregnancy, it can enhance relationships and strengthen spirituality, the list goes on.

Of course the best way to learn more about Reiki healing is to experience it directly. All the reading about the subject will never replace the actual experience of receiving Reiki healing. It is definitely something worth trying.

When choosing a Reiki practitioner, always go with your heart and let it guide you to the right person. Speak with them on the phone or meet in person in advance to discuss your needs and to get a feel for their energy. You want to not only trust the person giving the healing but feel completely safe, nurtured and connected to them. If you’re not feeling it, don’t book a healing. Search around for someone else that you do feel this connection with.

Believe me, they’re out there!

Reiki Training

Reiki practitioners are initiated into Reiki healing by a Reiki Master. Anyone can learn how to become a Reiki practitioner and become attuned to Reiki healing. However, the training must be undertaken with great respect, with an understanding of the responsibility that comes with being a Reiki Practitioner. There should always be a deep desire to help others to heal and to be of service by helping those in need.


There are three levels of Reiki attunement. The first level allows students to practice Reiki on themselves first but also on friends and family members. Level two initiates the student into the second Ray of Reiki healing, they also receive the Reiki symbols used together with the healing energy, and they learn to practice professionally as a Reiki practitioner. The final level – Reiki Master attunes the student to the Reiki Master symbol and they can then go on to teach and attune others into the Reiki healing system.

The Principals Of Reiki Are:

  • Just for today, I will not be angry
  • Just for today, I will not worry
  • Just for today, I will be grateful
  • Just for today, I will do my work honestly
  • Just for today, I will respect every living thing

How Reiki Works

The healing energy is channeled through the practitioner and directed to the client through the hands. The practitioner can sense the aura or energy field of the client through their hands. In this way, they can get a sense of the energy within the aura and sense if there are any blockages or stuck energy that needs to be cleared. The practitioner will then work to enhance the energy of the client by directing Reiki healing into their field and clearing away or transmuting lower energies that do not serve. A little bit like taking a shower and washing away dirt and grime but on an energetic level!

Reiki Healing Sessions – What To Expect

An average Reiki healing session lasts one hour, although some practitioners offer shorter sessions of thirty minutes or longer sessions up to ninety minutes. In general, the healing works very quickly and extended sessions are not needed. Having said that, it depends on the client and it is always useful to have healing sessions at regular intervals to maintain a healthy, balanced energy system. You wouldn’t take just one shower and feel clean for the rest of the year!

During our day-to-day lives we encounter other people’s energy, our own emotional ups and downs amongst other things and this can lead to imbalances in our energy system. Reiki is a wonderful way to help bring everything back into balance and restore the energy system to its optimal function. Clients often report feeling lighter and less burdened after a Reiki healing session. Everyone experiences Reiki in different ways, some feel strong sensations of heat or coolness and even tingling, while others don’t feel anything in particular but notice a great sense of relaxation and peace.

Many Reiki practitioners like to enhance the healing session by calling in the Angels to help with the healing – known as Angelic Reiki. Crystals are also used to greatly enhance the healing energy. By placing specific crystals on or around the body, the healing properties of the crystals work in tandem with Reiki to provide greater healing and balance. A Reiki crystal healing session can be very powerful and as such often after only fourth minutes the client would have received the same amount of healing as they might have during a regular one-hour Reiki healing.

And Finally…

Most of all, when you do try Reiki healing, go with the intent of enjoying the treatment. This is time for you to relax and unwind, and if you're feeling relaxed and at ease you’ll gain much more from the session.