Birthstone for March - Aquamarine

Birthstone for March - Aquamarine

JimbleAdmin Stevens

March's Mystical Aquamarine Birthstone: Named after the Latin words "aqua marina," meaning "water of the sea," Aquamarine's Energy truly is a balm for the soul in these turbulent times. As a stone of calming influence, it navigates the ebbs and flows of our emotions. The energy of Aquamarine resonates with the Throat Chakra, empowering gentle communication and self-expression.

In relation to the spiritual realms it is a conduit for higher consciousness, it guides us toward inner truth and ancient wisdom - Place it on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation, and let it encourage your intuition, revealing visions and wisdom.

Aquamarines magic is one that can alleviate anxiety and stress, easing the mind and nervous system. Also said to be wonderful for aiding the throat, respiratory system, and soothing inflamed emotions.

Wear Aquamarine jewellery to infuse your energy with its calming vibes. Carry a tumbled Aquamarine in your pocket, put one under your pillow or on your altar to invite tranquility into your daily rituals.

Aquamarine is a treasure that is said to remind and re-connect us with the vastness our own consciousness. With its serene healing energies, it urges us to seek peace within, to explore our emotions, and to flow gracefully through life's currents. As you step forward into the embrace of Aquamarine's energy, may you discover the serenity and wisdom within this beautiful stone.

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