Birthstone for January - Garnet

Birthstone for January - Garnet

Jimble Stevens

Welcome to January's beautiful birthstone – Garnet, which is said to ignite the passions and joys within you; also known for bringing courage, passion and strength, positivity and light to our souls.

This gem evokes a profound connection to primal energies. It carries Courage and Endurance within it.

Steadfast in the face of adversity is the essence of Garnet's energy. It is a talisman of strength, joy and determination, encouraging us to persevere and stay positive even when the path seems daunting.

A Flame of Passionate Love
In matters of the heart, Garnet ignites love and enduring commitment. Just as Garnet's fiery colours warm the holder - its energies inspire us to feed and expand the passion within our relationships.

Beacon of Protection
Garnet shields us from negative influences and offers a cloak of protective energy. Throughout history, it has been believed to safeguard travellers on their journeys, offering a shield against harm's way. It is believed to create a barrier that repels negativity and help us find the strength to confront life's challenges with positivity and courage.

Garnet beckons us to awaken the fire that lives in our souls. With its trustworthy energies, it urges us to forge ahead with determination, embracing courage, joy and passion. 

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