A simple "Loving Myself" boost to start the day

Jimble Stevens

When you first wake up, BEFORE your mind starts searching for the things it was worrying about last night, speak gently to it and say:

“Good morning, today is going to be a different day!”

Drink a glass of water, give your body a chance to flush out some of those toxic emotions as well as physical cleansing.

You’ve all heard the “gratitude list” idea a hundred times but there is a reason why it keeps doing the rounds.

It works!

It retrains your neural pathways to consciously look for positive things instead of the opposite which is where most of our pathways are etched!

So…write as many positive things as you can think of about your life.

They can be teeny things like, “my pillows are really fluffy” or ” I love my cat”

But the more personal the better.

If there are only 2 today that’s fine, it’s a start.

When you have done that, say out loud to yourself:

“Today, it is my dominant intent to see, think, feel, speak and hear ONLY things that make me feel good!”  

That is stating your intent to the universe.

..and remember, the universe is always listening!