7 Things To Do With Your Crystals

  1. Spread the love

    Make grids around your home to fill it with love

    Rose Quartz – brings love to your life, and every relationship within it. Also to how you feel about you!
    Citrine – gives joy for life, optimism and hope.
    Jade – increases feelings of joy and love in, and for, your life. Blue Lace Agate – gives a sense of feeling supported and warmed.

  2. Feel better about yourself

    Carry one around with you to boost your confidence and focus your intentions

    Haematite – increases confidence.
    Sodalite – brings inner peace, heightens self esteem.
    Fluorite – supports relationships and keeps spaces and Auras clear.

  3.  Add some spice and motivation to your sex life

    Red Tigers Eye – brings motivation for sex, boosting a flagging libido.
    Rose Quartz – for warmth and love.
    Garnet – inspires passion, loyalty, devotion and sexual fire.

  4. Meditate

    Bring some calm into your day to day life

    Amethyst – calming antidote for anger, raises vibration to a higher level.
    Kyanite – stimulates intuition and psychic abilities, clears away negative energy from the aura; raising your vibration and making connection to spirit guides easier.

  5. Get a good night’s sleep

    Make a grid underneath your bed

    Smoky Quartz – calms emotions and Grounds the body and spirit.
    Amethyst – brings Insight, calm and spiritual protection from others thoughts.
    Blue Lace Agate – brings peaceful sleep and calm to irritation.
    Sodalite – dissolves fear and guilt, encourages self acceptance bringing inner peace.

  6. Clear the air 

    Fluorite – clears the air of electromagnetic smog and negativity.
    Kyanite  cleanses your aura and removes blockages from your energy and energy and the energy of any room it is in.
    Orange calcite – purifies the air and encourages joyful energy to fill the space.

  7. Bring some wealth and prosperity into your life

    Jade – brings a wealth of money and love.
    Citrine – draws positive energy and money to you.
    Fluorite – attracts wealth.