Citrine Polished Freeform


A lovely slightly milky yellow cheerful happy citrine polished piece with a nice tactile strokable surface.

It measures about 6cm long x 3cm x 3cm.

There is a tiny patch on one of the edges that can catch, you can see where a formation line has reached the surface and leaves a little chip-like dip but it is tiny (hence a cheaper than it should be price)..

Keep your lovely citrine close by to encourage and support abundance, wealth and optimistic outlook.

Citrine is said to be a powerful ally for inviting abundance and happiness into your life.

To harness its positive energy, begin by dedicating a few moments daily to sit in quiet while holding the citrine in your hands, focusing on its warm and golden glow. Envision a stream of golden light flowing from the crystal, filling your entire being with a sense of happiness and abundance. As you meditate, repeat affirmations that resonate with prosperity and joy such as "prosperity is flowing effortless to me", "I always have more than enough", "my life is filled with riches of every kind".

Create a prosperity grid by combining citrine with other crystals associated with wealth.

This crystal acts as a beacon, guiding you towards a life filled with richness and happiness. Regular cleansing and recharging will ensure its continued effectiveness in manifesting abundance and joy.

Properties of Citrine

  • Money
  • Joy
  • Optimism

Citrine has a joyful vibration that sends it’s happy vibes far and wide.