Seeing Auras for beginners

Seeing Auras for beginners

Jimble Stevens
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The human Aura  is an energy field that emanates from all living things.

The energy of the Aura is constantly changing and developing depending on physical, spiritual and emotional state of the person. All illness, mental or physical becomes apparent as a blockage within the aura before moving into the energy of the physical body, but the energy of the aura also lives within the physical body.

When auras are mentioned, the first thing that springs to mind is colours, and if you are lucky enough to see them the first thing people always ask is “what color is mine?”. The truth is that the aura is constantly changing, every thought you think, every emotion you feel generates energy, and each different type of energy has a different colour.

The expression “they have a cloud hanging over them” holds much truth, as when people are unhappy their thoughts are negative which creates clouds of grey, dirty yellow, murky green,black etc. around them.

Equally when someone is very happy you say they are “glowing” with good health, “radiating” happiness, hence, when positive, happy thoughts are thought the colours that are created are clear and bright and often have a sparkle about them. Even if you cannot see Auras, guaranteed you can sense them.

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Taking the above into consideration, there is also often a dominant colour within someones aura.  For example, someone who is highly communicative and social is likely to have a lot of blue as the throat chakra is very active, and the throat chakra is blue.

Auras dynamically change when they come in to contact with environmental changes, emotional changes, objects or (I think most fascinatingly) other living beings - when you see two people together they create a 3rd energy colour which is the combination of the two making almost a 3rd being which changes depending on how they are interacting or feeling about each other!

Kids often have a lot of red in their Auras as the energy coursing through them is still quite base and energetic.

Although, on that note, as the new wave of more spiritually open children are being born these days, their auras are often the colours of the higher chakras (green/blue/purple/white) as they are bringing with them more advanced energy. In one particular child I could see that their aura had a crystalline structure to it, creating a beautiful dynamic grid around him - these are known as the crystal children, for that very reason. 

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HOW TO SEE AN AURA; Practise, practise, practise is the key here.

Anyone can see Auras, some people may have a natural ability but anyone can learn to see them. You need, a friend (or one of my favourite pastimes is choosing someone in a cafe), who is against a plain wall, the colour doesn’t really matter, but if you want to correctly identify the colours you may see, white is best.

Sit anywhere between 3 and 10 feet away to start with. Most importantly..RELAX! If you are tense. or straining this won’t work, it’s fun, enjoy it.

Look about a hand span above their head, or to their side, and let your eyes soften, almost as if you are looking at the air between you and them.

What you are looking for could be a subtle glow, it could look like a heat haze, or you might think you see a flash or patch of light or colour around their head only to find it dissolves when you look straight at it. Often you see a band of colour flash out of the corner of your eye when first starting, this is brilliant, it means your eyes are picking up on the right frequency.

Another lovely way to practice is by looking at the Aura around trees, they have a very strong energy field which glows nicely against a blue sky…or a grey sky come to that, again, look either just above the tree, or sometimes looking straight into the middle of it but focusing on your peripheral vision will help you see the light (as it were).

The reason we often see energy out of the corner of our eyes is because the front of the light receptors in our eyes get damaged over time by looking straight into the sun etc , whereas our peripheral vision remains more healthy and able to perceive a more complete spectrum of colours and vibrations. So, those are the basics, the rest is up to you to practise practise practice, the more time you spend doing it the more clear and colourful what you see will become! Have fun!

N.B One of the most significant changes I regularly see in peoples auras is after they have spent time outside somewhere - their auras become so much clearer, calmer and stronger depending on how long they have spent in's a powerful healer and balancer for sure - so be sure to get your 5 a day with lovely Mother Earth