Feng Shui for love, wealth and happiness!

Jimble Stevens
Feng Shui Bakua

The image shown is a Baqua grid (Ba-gua) it is one of the main feng shui tools used to analyse the feng shui energy of any given space.

Translated from Chinese, Bagua literally means “8 areas”.

There are two different ways to define the feng shui bagua,  I am going with the version that uses the compass directions to dictate where each sector lies in the house.

I am just going to focus on the areas of love and money as those seem to be the most frequently asked for areas of help.. and there is SO` much to say!

Firstly you will need a compass, two sheets of paper, and two different colour pencils or pens.

On the paper sketch out the floor plan of your house, one sheet for downstairs, and another for upstairs, marking each room as bedroom, kitchen etc. The more accurate you can make this the better it will be for you, but if you do it roughly to scale it will be ok.

Now, one sheet at a time, with a different colour pen sketch the grid  above over the top of each floor, so the floor is separated into 9 sections (including the tiny middle one) so every room is within the section of one direction , for example, my sitting room is half south and half south east as the sections overlap rooms, it doesn’t matter if there is a wall through the middle of one of them, you can work around it.

It should be quite clear which areas of your house are in which section of the Grid.  Some areas of the house are considered to be fortuitous and some considered unlucky, for example, the luck of the area that lies over your toilet is thought to be flushed away. (But don’t panic I’ll give you some remedies for those!) Where as , the front door, sitting room and master bedroom considered power points to bring good luck, as is the stove in the kitchen, it is known as the dragons mouths, and ideally should be facing east.

The colours of each section on the grid are the lucky colours for that particular area and you should try and include some items of that colour to the corresponding area; e.g. If your sitting room is in the area of the south I would recommend getting some bright red cushions, or a red rug, or a picture of the sun etc.

If you find that you have (for example) your south east area (money) in the bathroom, or over a toilet make sure you always keep the loo lid down as all the money is thought to flow down the toilet (in fact, whichever section is over the loo keep the lid down as it is said that luck can disappear down there too!). Hanging a wind chime in the bathroom is said to dissipate negative energies and generate positivity.

Money plants (Jade Trees) are wonderful symbols of wealth so if there is a window in that section put one of those there too, as is the crystal Jade/Jadeite and Citrine, and any symbols of wealth, a cheque written out to you from the universe is always a nice one. Apparently Jim Carrey carried a cheque for 1000,000 dollars in his wallet for 2 years before his lucky break!

Green is the colour of the wealth corner so add some healthy plants/green cushions/green ornaments etc.

To enhance your relationship corner put things in pairs, traditionally wooden mandarin ducks are thought to bring lucky and prosperous relationships, as are pictures of Peonys (they are considered the flower of romantic love). Of course don’t forget Rose Quartz crystals will bring warmth and love to the area, I always keep a nice sized piece next to the bed as well to keep me loved in my sleep.

The main thing about Feng Shui is it is all about balance and the free flowing movement of energy so keep spaces free of clutter and attractive to the eye as that is the frequency of energy that will be generated there.

Look around your house, are there symbols of unhappiness? Pictures of single people looking unhappy? Scenes of destruction? Things that give you unhappy memories when you look at them? Get rid of them all, they just generate a negative emotion which the law of attraction, by law, can only bring you more of!

Feng shui is all about symbolism so surround yourself with symbols of love, warmth, friendship and wealth, and the universe will deliver more of it to you.

Each thought you think generates a frequency which the law of attraction will match and bring you more of, so clean up your thoughts as well as your home. Try replacing negative thoughts with a thank you for some thing you DO have instead.

As William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”