Red Jasper Dragon


This lovely little chap is made from red jasper healing stone and measures about 4.5cm high x 3.3cm long.

Dragon symbolism:

Protection and Guardianship: Dragons are seen as protectors, guarding against threats and evil forces.

Wisdom and Knowledge: Dragons represent wisdom, intelligence, and ancient knowledge, often associated with guardians of hidden treasures or sources of enlightenment.

Power and Strength: Dragons are powerful and mighty creatures.

Transformation and Change: Dragons are frequently associated with change and transformation, representing the ability to adapt, evolve, and overcome challenges. They embody the concept of rebirth and renewal.

Please check the size before you buy.

<p><strong>This is a unique product - </strong>You will get exactly what you see in the pictures!</p>

This is a unique product - You will get exactly what you see in the pictures!

Properties of Red Jasper

  • Healing
  • Nurturing
  • Supporting

Red Jasper is a protecting, nurturing and stimulating stone. It is said to neutralise many forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution.