Key Hole Covered Rough Quartz Point


This is a really special point that has lots of little key holes down one of its sides. It is rather rough around the edges but overall this feels like a little power pocket...and is beautiful and interesting to look at.

See below on how to use it wisely
This lovely point measures about 6.7cm long x 2cm x 2.2cm.

Please look very closely at the photos of this crystal before you buy - It is rough.

In healing rituals, keyholes in quartz points can be potent conduits for intention and energy.

Begin by cleansing the crystal to remove any unwanted energy.
Hold the quartz in your dominant hand and set a clear, positive intention for your healing work.

Visualise the keyhole as a gateway to the desired healing energy or insight.

You can place the crystal on the affected area of the body, use it for meditation, or incorporate it into a crystal grid. The combination of the keyhole and the quartz serves as a focal point for your intention, helping to channel and amplify healing energy, making it a valuable tool in your healing practices.

Properties of Quartz

  • Empowering
  • pain relief
  • healing

Quartz is said to be the stone of power as it amplifies any energy or intention. Often used to protect against negativity and help with connection to your higher self.