Haematite Wand (Smallish)


A lovely heavy little wand made from haematite, the surface is beautifully organic looking and rugged - it has a lovely feel to it.

The point of this wands is a little scuffed - hence a cheaper price than normal.
It will measure about 6.7cm long x 1.8cm wide. Yours will be very similar to the photos.

If you're looking for inspiration of how to use your haematite wand for healing here are 3 lovely ideas I'd recommend:

Grounding and Stability: Hold the hematite wand during meditation to anchor and ground yourself. Visualise its energy connecting you to the Earth, fostering stability and a sense of security. Allow any excess energy to be absorbed by the hematite, promoting balance and grounding during periods of stress or uncertainty.Energy Cleansing: Use the hematite wand to sweep over your body, absorbing and transmuting negative energies. Visualise the wand acting as a magnetic force, pulling away any energetic impurities or blockages. Regularly cleanse the wand under running water or with salt to maintain its purifying properties.Manifestation and Focus: Hold the hematite wand while setting intentions or working on specific goals. Its energy can enhance mental focus and determination, aiding in the manifestation of desires. Visualize your intentions being absorbed by the hematite and amplified, creating a strong foundation for success. Regularly recharge the wand to keep its energy potent for manifestation work.

Properties of Haematite

  • Attraction
  • Grounding
  • Protection

Haematite is primarily a very protective and grounding stone, excellent for people who feel off with the fairies a lot or have trouble knuckling down to concentrate on something.