Charoite Ring (Size P)


This wonderful piece of charoite crystal is set in sterling silver, the stone measures about 2.3cm high x 1.5cm wide.

There are 2 very tiny patches in the face where it hasn't been polished completely smooth(2 small fine lines) but you have to search for them!

This really is a gorgeous ring, definitely a conversation piece.

It is a size P.

<p><strong>This is a unique product - </strong>You will get exactly what you see in the pictures!</p>

This is a unique product - You will get exactly what you see in the pictures!

Properties of Charoite

  • Positivity
  • Calm
  • Insomnia

In crystal healing Charoite has a reputation for its transformative abilities as it is said to be able to transmute negative emotions such as fear, obsession and anger into positive feelings.