Charoite Slab

In crystal healing Charoite has a reputation for its transformative abilities as it is said to be able to transmute negative emotions such as fear, obsession and anger into positive feelings. It is wonderful for people who suffer with OCD and have phobic and fearful personalities.

It has been shown to bring a calm to people with Autistic personalities and bring some balance to those with Bipolar disorder.

It is a very spiritual stone believed to stimulate inner vision and encourage spiritual growth. It can help you find appreciation in the present moment and to put things into perspective.

In this new age of spiritual awakenings and progress Charoite is an irreplaceable companion to soothe the transformations that are taking place on a spiritual level.

In physical healing Charoite is said to heal and reduce damage done to the liver by excessive alcohol use.

Charoite has been said to help people that suffer with insomnia and nightmares encouraging peaceful deep sleep.