California White Sage Smudge Sticks


A California white sage smudge stick - perfect for cleansing energy anywhere it has got stuck or negative.

Shell for display only.

This stick measures about 10cm long x 4cm wide.

User's Guide to Smudge Sticks: Clearing Energy and Cleansing Auras

Here's our user-friendly guide to smudge sticks, empowering you to clear energies and cleanse properties or auras.

1. Select Your Smudge Stick:
Choose a smudge stick that just feels right to you.

2. Set Intentions:
Begin by setting clear intentions for the smudging ritual. Whether it's purifying a space or cleansing your aura, a focused mindset enhances the effectiveness.

3. Prepare Your Space:
Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows and doors. Position a fire-safe dish to catch any falling ashes and create a serene atmosphere.

4. Ignite with Purpose:
Using matches, light the smudge stick. Allow the flame to burn briefly before gently blowing it out, leaving a continuous stream of smoke.

5. Smudge Methodically:
For properties, move clockwise through each room, directing the smudge stick's smoke to corners and high-energy areas. For personal auras, move the stick around your body, focusing on areas that feel heavy or stagnant.

6. Visualise and Affirm:
Visualise negative energies dissipating and affirm positive intentions as you smudge, eg: I am clean and clear, my energy feels fresh and fantastic. I am light and bright, balanced and harmonious.

7. Complete with Gratitude:
Conclude the ritual by expressing gratitude for the purified energy. Safely extinguish the smudge stick...You can also then invite in loving and peaceful energy/Angels to fill the space (or whatever you think is appropriate).