Unakite Egg

Unakite encourages you to love yourself, which in turn allows you to attract and maintain the love of others, as they are just a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Placing Unakite in a room, either as a large piece or as several small tumble stones in a bowl, is said to bring in a gentle calming energy.

It is a balancing stone helping to balance all aspects of the self; emotional, spiritual and mental, and allowing you to feel more centred; Unakite is also believed to help release energy blockages that may be inhibiting your growth (or stopping you getting pregnant if you are trying and it's not happening), and to encourage you to live in the present rather than in the past.

In physical healing Unakite is said to be helpful and stimulating to the female reproductive system, encouraging and supporting a successful pregnancy.

It's also beneficial to those convalescing after an illness or operation.

Unakite is also believed to be helpful in reducing the effects of electromagnetic smog, so keep a piece by your computer or TV.

Unakite is a combination of three minerals: Green Epidote, Pink Feldspar and Quartz.