Seftonite Tumble Stones

Seftonite is helpful for a confused mind, bringing calm and clarity.

Seftonite is another name for bloodstone it is said to be an excellent grounding, protecting and healing stone. It It can be used to heighten intuition and increase creativity. it also is said to stimulate dreaming and the recollection of dreams. Seftonite is used to revitalize a tired mind, and help you to rejuvenate your body if you’ve been working too hard.

It is a wonderful stone for calming irritable or aggressive thoughts, encouraging patience with others and yourself.

In physical healing seftonite helps fight infection and re-energizes the body and mind when exhausted. It is also thought to purify the blood and stomach.

It's an energy cleanser, purifying and detoxifying the liver, kidneys and spleen. It benefits all blood rich organs and regulates blood flow.