Phantom Quartz Point

Phantom Quartz Crystals can be recognised by ghost layers, the shape of a crystal within the main crystal body.

It is caused when the crystal stops growing for some reason, then sometime millions of years later the crystal regrows encasing the subsequent layers within itself creating the "phantom".

These formations are thought to give out the energy to renew and to facilitate the healing of the Earth. The Phantom allows the Earth to recall how it was prior to the harm it has undergone at the hands of man – hence allowing for gentle Earth changes during the healing processes.

Phantom crystals are powerful tools when used in crystal healing they can be used to assist in recovering memories to help put the past in perspective.

It is also thought to be a lovely crystal that helps you connect with connect with spirit guides, and get into a space where you can communicate clearly with them, having an opportunity to ask questions etc.

In meditation Phantom Quartz is said to be a handy tool for focus if you are doing a visual meditation, but also for internal focus, shining a light on past life memories.