Amber is fossilised tree resin that must be at least 10,000 years old to qualify as Amber.

Amber is seen as a bringer of joy and optimism, if you need cheering up wear some amber, the brighter yellow it is, apparently the more light it holds.

A wonderful protector, it is thought to be a bridge between the worlds connecting the energies between heaven and earth. It is a powerful yet gentle cleanser and healer, it draws out and transmutes negative energy.
It is a highly protective and often worn as a Talisman.

It can be used to promote fertility as it carries vibrant life force within it, it’s also good for bringing motivation to stagnant energies. Its protective and clearing properties make it a good stone to use to prepare a healing room, keeping the energy light.

In physical healing Amber is said to be helpful for cleansing the kidneys and keeping joints supple.

It is very helpful in the healing of depression bringing light to the dark corners of the mind. It is also great for environmental clearing. One of its best characteristics is that Amber never needs clearing.

Physically, Amber helps with the organs of elimination, including the liver, kidneys, bladder, and stomach. Amber can be used for kidney and bladder stones, and constipation. Also a stone of the Throat Chakra, Amber can help with laryngitis and sore throats; simply wear as a pendant.