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Dowsing with a crystal pendulum can be used to connect you to your higher guidance or your guardian angels if you have questions you need answering.

Some also use them to communicate with the spirit world or for more light hearted things such as finding out the sex of an unborn baby!

If you are wondering where to start when using you pendulum I’d recommend firstly grounding yourself (imagine roots spreading out through the bottom of your feet into the Earth), and asking your Guardian guides to step close to you in wisdom, protection and guidance.

This way you will connect to the most helpful energies available. Lean your elbows on a table and hold the chain end of the pendulum steady, when it is still ask out loud a question you know the answer to, such as “Is a banana yellow” and whichever way it starts swinging will be a yes for you, you can test it the same way for a no. I’d recommend cleansing your crystal pendulum regularly to keep its energy clear, you can see how to cleanse your crystals.