Kambaba Jasper Palm Pebble


Lovely Kambaba jasper palm pebble that measures about 4.8cm x 3.5cm x 1.3cm deep.
In spiritual healing, Kambaba Jasper is believed to have several beneficial properties additionally to normal Jasper properties:

Grounding and Stability: It is thought to promote grounding and stability, helping individuals to feel more anchored and connected to the earth, which can be beneficial for spiritual practices and overall well-being.

Emotional Healing: Kambaba Jasper is associated with soothing emotional stress and promoting inner peace. It may assist in releasing negative emotions, promoting a sense of tranquility, and encouraging emotional balance.

Protection: Many believe that Kambaba Jasper offers protective energies, creating a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. It is thought to help establish boundaries and ward off unwanted influences.

Spiritual Growth: Some practitioners use Kambaba Jasper to aid in spiritual growth and development. It is believed to enhance spiritual insight, intuition, and connection with higher realms, facilitating personal growth and enlightenment.

Physical Healing Support: While primarily used for spiritual purposes, Kambaba Jasper is also thought to have some physical healing properties. It is believed to support the immune system, aid in detoxification, and promote overall vitality and well-being.

Harmonising Energies: Kambaba Jasper is often used to balance and harmonize energies within the body and environment. It may help align the chakras, balance yin and yang energies, and create a sense of harmony and equilibrium.

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Kambaba jasper, also known as crocodile jasper or crocodile rock, is formed through a combination of volcanic activity and sedimentary processes. It originates from regions where ancient volcanic activity occurred, leading to the deposition of silica-rich sedimentary material. Over time, this material solidified and underwent compression, heat, and mineral-rich groundwater infiltration, resulting in the distinctive green and black orbicular patterns characteristic of kambaba jasper.

Properties of Jasper

  • Relaxation
  • Grounding
  • Allergies

In Healing, Jasper is recognised as the supreme nurturer. It holds and supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquillity.