Zebra Jasper Thumb Stone


A funky little zebra jasper thumb stone that measures about 3cm x 3.8cm x 0.7cm deep.

Here's some info on what zebra jasper is believed to help with;

Zebra Jasper uplifts the spirit while providing grounding energy. It boosts optimism and confidence, enhancing motivation and enthusiasm for life. This stone is excellent for dispelling negative energies and promoting a sense of inner peace and joy. Zebra Jasper encourages mental clarity and emotional stability, helping you overcome challenges with resilience. Its harmonizing properties support personal growth and upliftment, fostering a positive outlook on life.

Properties of Zebra Jasper

  • Generosity
  • Replenishment
  • Soothing

Zebra Jaspers energy is very motivating, mood lifting and energetic. It carries within it a reminder to the bearer that it is impossible to lose all of one’s energy and love by giving it away.