Shaded Moonstone Heart


A pretty shaded moonstone heart who measures about 4.5cm x 3.8cm x 2cm think.

If you need some help with how to use your moonstone heart here are 3 ideas:

Emotional Balance: Hold your Shaded Moonstone heart over the heart chakra to soothe emotions, helping to foster inner peace and emotional balance.

Intuition Enhancement: Place the heart on your third eye chakra to amplify intuition and connect with your inner wisdom, facilitating insight and clarity.

Nighttime Ritual: Keep the Shaded Moonstone under your pillow to promote restful sleep, vivid dreams, and emotional healing during the night.

Be sure to cleanse and programme your crystal before you use it to get the best results

Properties of Shaded Moonstone

  • Emotional Balance
  • Intuition
  • Support through Change

Shaded moonstone is the stone of new beginnings, balancing the chakras and grounding negative energies. It helps one to recognise that new beginnings are in fact the fruition of each ending.