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Malachite Polished Chunk


A beautiful deep green (mostly) polished Malachite chunk that measures about 7.7cm long x 6.6cm x 3.5cm high (full height). This is a wonderfully tactile piece and it loves to sit in your hands!

Please look closely at the photos before you buy.

Having a chunk of Malachite in your home is believed to carry many lovely benefits, here are some of them:Positive Transformation: Malachite is associated with personal transformation and positive change. Having it in your home is thought to encourage growth and renewal.Emotional Healing: Malachite is known for its emotional healing properties. It may help release past traumas, encourage emotional balance, and promote inner peace.Protection: Malachite is thought to provide energetic protection, absorbing negative energies and creating a shield against harm.Amplified Energy: Malachite is said to amplify both positive and negative energies. It can enhance your intentions and create a vibrant, energised atmosphere.Clearing and Purification: Malachite is thought to clear and purify the energy of a space. It can be placed in areas where you want to promote a clean and positive environment.Increased Creativity: Malachite is associated with stimulating creativity and innovation. Having it in your creative spaces may inspire new ideas and artistic expression.Balancing Energy Centers: Malachite is believed to resonate with the heart chakra. Having it in your home is said to support the balance and alignment of your energy centers.Remember to cleanse and recharge your Malachite regularly, as it is believed to absorb and hold onto energies. Place it in areas where you spend time or where you feel its energies are most needed to maximize its potential benefits.

Properties of Malachite

  • Balance
  • Wisdom
  • Success

Malachite is believed to be a protector for children. It is also a stone which is said to encourage and hold a healthy balance in relationships.