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Bismuth Cluster


A gorgeous little Bismuth cluster that measures about 3.6cm high x 2.7cm x 2cm.

Place your Bismuth cluster in your living or working space to create a harmonious atmosphere, promoting balance and positivity.

This lovely crystal is said to bring joy and optimism to the space it inhabits!

During meditation, hold the cluster to enhance spiritual growth and deepen self-awareness. Utilize its grounding properties to anchor your energy and alleviate stress. Incorporate the Bismuth crystal into energy healing practices by placing it on specific chakras for balance.

Regularly cleanse under running water to maintain its energy purity. Let the Bismuth cluster be a catalyst for transformation and positive energy in your life.

Bismuth is created from naturally occurring metals that are melted down and re-grown in laboratories.

Properties of Bismuth

  • Isolation
  • Transformation
  • Wisdom

Bismuth crystal has lovely properties, including reducing isolation – physical, emotional and spiritual isolation.