Colour Therapy For Moods And Health

Colour Therapy For Moods And Health

Jimble Stevens

So, can we harness the powerful energy of colour and use it to our advantage? The answer is yes absolutely!

Colours can have such positive and mood altering effects on our emotions. Have you ever gazed fondly at a vibrant colour and felt the heat or coolness or cheerfulness that it radiated? Colours are a powerful tool that we can use to promote healing and positivity.

If you’re familiar with the energy system and chakras, you will know that we each have seven major chakras, each aligned with one of the colours of the rainbow. However, if a chakra becomes misaligned or blocked we experience a range of symptoms from uneasiness, anxiety and physical symptoms such as pain and even illness. 


Chakras diagram

So how do we use colours to overcome this? Colour can be used like a tuning fork. Just as a tuning fork is used to bring an instrument into harmony, colours can help bring our chakras back into alignment. Each colour reflects the vibration of the particular chakra it relates to and can gently help the energy become clear and strengthened.


Let’s look at the chakras and their colours to get a feel for the energy and properties they express – the colours you are the most drawn to almost guaranteed will be the ones out of balance in your system!

 Base Chakra – Red

Red is the colour associated with grounding and balance.

However too much red can lead to “spaciness”, fears and anxiety.

Sacral Chakra – Orange

Orange is known for vitality, power and creativity.

Dull orange however can indicate low self-esteem, stress and illness.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

Yellow is the colour of optimism, positivity and fun.

Depending on the shade, yellow can also point to stress if a dull yellow is present and power issues where bright yellow is found.

Heart Chakra – Green

Emerald green is the colour of the heart chakra and indicates love and healing.

Dull green can be a sign of insecurity and a lack of self-love.

Throat Chakra – Blue

The turquoise blue found at the throat represents communication, speaking ones truth and being trustworthy.

Issues with the throat chakra can lead to issues communicating and speaking out and also sore throats.

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo

Indigo is the official colour of the third eye chakra but it is also associated with purple or violet. Indigo signifies a spiritual nature; purple and violet denote wisdom, psychic abilities and intuition.

Blockages in this area can lead to headaches, insomnia and lack of direction.

Crown Chakra – Purple

While deep purple is known as the colour that represents the crown chakra, white has also been identified with this chakra. Purple suggests wisdom and the higher self while white implies oneness, awakening and divine connection.

Dull purple can lead to feelings of disconnection and confusion.


So once we are aware of the colours and their attributes we can then go about using them to our advantage. For example, if giving a speech or presentation, turquoise can be worn around the neck to aid communication and clear speech.

If feeling ungrounded red underwear and socks can be worn to help maintain balance and grounding.

If lacking in energy, wear orange to bring about vitality.

When feeling down wear bright yellow to lift your spirits.

The options are endless and it is not just limited to our clothing. The colours of the walls in a room can also help change our mood – a study by the University of British Columbia showed that different colours influenced how students achieved at exams. While red helped increase accuracy, it also brought greater caution and anxiety when answering questions.

Doctors and dentists use shades of green, blue and pale purples in their waiting rooms to help calm nerves, these are also lovely colours to have in a therapy or relaxation room as they are thought to lower blood pressure and heart rate.


We can also bring colour into our homes by placing fresh flowers in certain rooms or by choosing paintings that contain the colours we need. Crystals are also wonderful for bringing colour into our homes. Whatever method you choose, there is simply no excuse not to use colour to enhance your emotional state, health and wellbeing, it’s a wonderful and beneficial game to play – enjoy it!!