When Panic Attacks! Book and CD


A book to help! Panic is one of the most crippling psychological disorders of our time. It dominates a sufferer's thoughts, saps motivation, sidelines life purpose and derails their social life.
What triggers a panic attack? How can you avoid them in the future?The Book
"When Panic Attacks" answers these questions. It explains the psychology and physiology underlying panic. It makes sense of why a sufferer is radically altered after their first panic attack, and how they come to inhabit a new world full of threats, both external and internal. Dr Aine Tubridy gives an understanding of the innermost thoughts of those who panic. She documents their deep sense of alienation from others, and how they feel split off from a body they can't control.
Grounded in years of clinical experience and research , Dr Tubridy shows you how you can control panic attacks through a variety of skills. She includes muscle relaxation exercises, thought management, changing avoidance behaviours, exercises targeting the chakra system, homeopathic remedies and psychotherapy.The CD
Accompanying "When Panic Attacks" is a CD on which Dr Tubridy guides you through the main points of the book. It also contains an emergency drill for immediate help on the first signs of an attack, and maintenance exercises designed to teach you breathing and relaxation techniques.

These are reduced because lots of people seem to be suffering with anxiety at the moment so it seemed like a good thing to reduce!